Meet the Team

A.K.A. The Stress Specialist
Founder | Lead Trainer | Mentor | Coach | Salsa Teacher :-)

Nicky’s passion for training & coaching has always been led by her desire to support and inspire people. At just 17 years old Nicky was thrown in at the deep end when the regular instructor at her gym didn’t turn up… so with just 10 minutes notice she went from being just someone with an interest in fitness – to someone who could inspire and motivate a room of 80 people… from that moment on she knew her path.

Nicky's story started with redundancy in her early 20's and as part of her redundancy package she got retrained in NLP.  She found this incredibly helpful in coping with the redundancy.  Several years later, after experiencing late post-natal depression (which developed to depression), anxiety and chronic stress she turned to NLP and other talking therapies to help get herself back to full mental strength.  This did work but after stopping all the good habits she'd started things started to creep back.   She researched massively and eventually after a particular difficult and stressful episode in her life she began combining all her previously learned skills with new ones and realised the power looking after your mental health as much as your physical health.

Nowadays, her coaching and training focusses mainly on the mind rather than the body, and she uses her skills to not only help groups of people but also individuals through her coaching and mentoring. Using her experience, business and human psychology expertise she creates and delivers bespoke training & coaching programmes that positively impact individuals: by helping them develop a stronger and more resilient mindset, and businesses: through the personal and professional development of their leaders and teams.

She passionately believes that the secret to every successful business lies with its people. In her experience within corporate PLCs, Limited companies and small businesses – across a number of different industries including IT, Banking, Power and Retail – she has repeatedly experienced the detrimental impact that neglect in this key area can have.

Nicky’s empathetic yet pragmatic training/coaching style has evolved over time, as an NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer, Life Coach, speaker and salsa teacher (yes, she has taught and performed all over the UK and Europe).  She has trained and coached thousands of people in the last 20+ years, building and adding to their skills whilst enabling and encouraging a more positive and effective mindset. Her aim is always to leave them with the tools and techniques they need to continue to grow and develop long after she has left the building.

In addition to the above,  Nicky has been a single parent for over 10 years which has fed into her passion of wanting to help children.   She has a number of teenage clients, dedicates a lot of her spare time to supporting causes including children's mental health, autism and also works as a volunteer trainer for the NSPCC - going into primary school and educating children on how to stay safe.

Re-ignite your passion for life, get your people engaged, motivated and working together at their very best and achieve your aspirations and dreams for yourself and/or your business. Contact Nicky today to learn more about how she can support you in achieving your dreams.

Related Qualifications & Accolades

  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Trainer
  • NLP Coach
  • NLP Hypnotherapy
  • Counselling Foundations
  • NLP Trainer of the Year 2015
  • NLP Public Speaker award
  • NCFE Understanding Autism