• Stress resilience
  • Developing strategies for anxiety
  • Resilience to low mood
  • Escape negative thinking traps

MindCise™ is a methodology based around exercising your mind.  Not to be confused with brain training, this is about helping build strength and resilience of the mind in the same way you would work on your physical fitness.

And why do we do this?

Quite simply when you have a strong resilient mind, you become braver, stronger, more confident, more able to handle stress, overcome sadness, manage and even eradicate anxiety, you increase your zest for life and this can impact not only your physical health but incredibly it can also seem to positively affect how some people behave when they are around you?  And you don’t need to join a gym! :-) MindCise™ consists of 5 key areas , which when all working at optimum level, ensure your resilience and mental health strength to manage and overcome any obstacle thrown your way, exceed your potential and lead a more fulfilling life.

To gain maximum benefit from the MindCise™ system it is recommended you spend time looking at each area and identifying any gaps or areas for improvement. I then work with you to help introduce tools and techniques and exercises you can do to strengthen each area – in the same way a fitness instructor would give you exercises aimed to build specific areas of fitness.

  • The Power of CommunicationUnderstand how your daily communication can effect your mindset and mood. Learn how to master all levels of communications, verbal, non-verbal, internally (self-talk) and to others
  • The Power of PhysiologyUnderstand how a simple change in your physiology can help change your state and impact your entire day. Master the art of switching state instantly in order to open up your mind to more opportunities and achieve your potential.
  • The Power of Thought Understand how your mind can fool you into feeling and believing things that don’t serve you. Limiting beliefs, state management, overwhelming emotions. Master techniques that allow you to reprogram those thoughts to ones that empower and drive you to your success or simply overcome fears or anxiety
  • The Power of HabitsUnderstand how your thoughts become actions that then become habits and how by taking conscious control of those habits you can transform your life – enabling you to make big changes with relatively little effort
  • The Power of EnvironmentUnderstand how to recognise when the domain around you is negatively impacting your life, and then master tools and techniques that puts the control of that back with you.