MindCise Coaching

More and more we are hearing about the importance of looking after our mental health in addition to our physical health.  1 in 4 people in the UK are said to struggle with some form of mental health at some point in their life and these figures are just increasing

There are times when one-to-one coaching is more appropriate to help individuals.  MindCise™ is a form of one-to-one coaching - personal training for the mind that helps empower the individual to take more conscious control and care of their mental health.


No matter how successful or capable we are, everyone needs help from time to time. Professional athletes have coaches, successful businessmen/women have coaches, people who want to achieve a physical goal (lose weight, train for an event) recruit a coach/trainer to help them – so why not you? Their respective successes are largely attributed to the use of a coach.

Chances are you can and will get where you want to be eventually, you are likely to have most if not all the answers and resources within you. It
is common however for individuals to not see or find those answers when they need them and not believe they have the resources already – that’s
where a coach comes in – that’s where I come in.

Using a combination of coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy techniques (as appropriate), along with our experience, I help individuals get to
where they want to be.

My aim – in all my coaching – is to teach you the tools and get you to a place where you no longer need us.  MindCise™ in particular is a tools and techniques based method of coaching – empowering individuals to constantly exceed and excel.

MindCise™ Training Topics

  • The Power of Communication
  • The Power of Thought
  • The Power of Physiology
  • The Power of Habits
  • The Power of Environment

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Examples of how we’ve helped clients

  • Managing anxiety/stress
  • Building confidence
  • Managing Healthy Mental Health
  • Action Planning /Goal Setting
  • Behavioural change (quit smoking/weight loss/insomnia)
  • Overcoming phobia’s
  • Identifying obstructions/limiting beliefs
  • Overcoming negative thinking/negative self talk
  • Small business mentoring – inc business planning
  • Single parenting challenges
  • Communication in relationships
  • Interview techniques