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Stress Management Training

Programmes & Workshops

Standard and bespoke programmes and workshops on the following:

Stress Management

Anxiety Management

Building Resilience


Managing State

Mental Health Awareness

Conversations around Mental Health

Wellbeing culture

Psychological safety

1:1 Therapeautic Coaching

Aimed at helping individuals with an assortment of challenges such as:

Stress | Anxiety | Mindset Management | Confidence |

Self Esteem | Low Mood | Feeling Stuck

Stress management Coaching Therapy
Wellbeing Consulting

Consultation Services

If you don't know where to start when it comes to developing a mental wellbeing strategy for your employees - get in touch.  A variety of services including:

Help with developing staff surveys

Assessment of current offering/culture

Advice and development of a wellbeing strategy

Ongoing regular support

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