Training & Coaching for a Happier Life

Feeling STRESSED?   |  ANXIETY causing problems? |  Not SLEEPING?  |  Constant HEADACHES? | Feeling OVERWHELMED?

Or simply in need of a bit of EXTRA HELP?

Don't worry - you're not alone, and there are many many things you can do. I specialise in non-medical (drug free) techniques and therapy to help people like you. The work I do has been used alongside medication, helped people reduce/wean off medication or as a drug free alternative - each person and need is different.

I am The Stress Specialist - I've helped hundreds of people to master their stress and build their resilience. I am also still learning new and diverse ways to do this.

Using a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), communication, coaching, counselling, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and mentoring skills my aim is simple - to help.

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